Sleep and you!

One of the things that without a doubt most of us could easily do to improve our health is to sleep more and sleep better. One big step in this direction is to take the TVs out of our bedrooms. Some studies have found that the blue light given off by TVs may prevent REM sleep (the part our brain really needs). Regardless if this research holds up or not many studies have shown beyond a doubt that TVs in our bedrooms reduce the amounts of sleep. Simply because we sit up in bed and watch them longer then if we were in a living room. Personally I had to take the bookshelf out of my room because I would sit up all night and read. Studies suggest finding that thing you do in your bedroom that makes you sit up longer then normal and simply remove it. Put it in another room and it will do wonders for your sleep!

Dr. John

New Life Chiropractic, Cape Girardeau, Ca