3 thoughts on “do i need a chiropractor?

  1. person

    Yes, anything like can be fixed usually by a chiropractic.

  2. .

    Oh yes. I love the chiropractor. They seem to be able to preform miracles. By all means, go see one.

  3. Vincent T.

    Well, chiropractor don’t really help treat your scoliosis, but they do help you with the pain by relaxing your muscle that is causing the pain. But if you want to stop your scoliosis from getting worse and try to make it better, then you have to visit a Physiotherapist that specialize in treating scoliosis. If it is really severe, like 40 degrees curve then you have to get a surgery to straighten your spine.
    If you want to relieve your pain then yea. visit the chiropractor

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