5 thoughts on “Why are chiropractors bad?

  1. mckenzie (:

    they were once believed to be a type of witch, that healed their patients with witch craft.

    all of that isnt true, and they are great to go to !

  2. wayfaroutthere

    The negative stigma has started to go away as many of their practices have been found to have merit. One big reason the negative stigma started was because you had these guys who are not MDs charging for medical services, and that people would usually have to keep coming back to them for many visits. It sounded like a snake oil scam, so people didn’t trust it before people found that it actually does help a lot of people.

  3. TakeaWalk

    I think there are two types of chiropractors. There are those who advertise they can cure just about anything by aligning your spine and there are those who say they can deal with musculoskeletal pain. I believe the latter are the good chiropractors. I have been to one a couple of times and there is one thing I would not allow them to do…they like to get behind you and hold your head and when they feel you relax they whip your neck around to get it to crack…not so sure that is a smart thing to do. I also don’t like the fact that they have assistants who are trained on the job to provide certain modalities. These assistants do not understand the theory behind modalities such as ultrasound and therefore should not be administering a potentially harmful treatment. I would stick to physical therapists for modalities.

  4. Skeeeeeetz

    In my opinion, Chiropractors are not bad– but the Chiropractic practice is. I visited chiropractors for many years for a series of back problems and, for the most part, I got relief from much of my pain.

    However, they could not fix the condition that was causing the pain. At best they would just make your muscles feel better.

    Chiropractors have to believe that everything causes conditions that only they can fix so they can convince patients that we can’t live comfortably without visits twice per week.

    I had a stroke last year as a result of chiropractic treatment and have since made it a priority to raise awareness of the dangers of chiropractic care. I ask that anyone going to visit a chiropractor to be aware of the risks and make an informed decision about treatment.

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