Differing chiropractor approaches?

I’ve been to two different chiropractors in the past month due to a bad lower back sprain and constant tension/tightness in my neck and shoulders for the past year at least. They both took really different approaches to me and I’m wondering which is overall better for my health. This is my first experiences with chiropractors, by the way.

The first chiropractor first had me on a table and simply “adjusted” me by pressing down upwards along my back and the “adjusting” my neck. He doesn’t believe in the “snap crackle pop” method, as he calls it, and wanted me coming back at least once a week or so.

The second chiropractor got some extreme crunchies out of me and did the typical stuff like having me lay on my side and twisting me, popping my neck, ect. He was all about them pops.

I’ve tried reading on it, but I haven’t gather much except that the first doctor is more “corrective”, and the second is more pain relief? If so I’d like to continue with the corrective method.
Just reread and it sounds confusing. “The past year at least” is referring to my neck and shoulder problems, not how long I’ve been seeing the chiropractors.

2 thoughts on “Differing chiropractor approaches?

  1. Mr E

    true correction requires precise upper neck correction. see an hio method chiropractor. ( you will have to do some looking, but it is worth it to find an experienced one.)

  2. Gary K

    Firstly, chiropractors are quacks. The basis of chiropractic is pseudoscientifc bunk – magic subluxations in the spine which are the root cause of all disease. There is no evidence for chiropractic subluxations and extensive reviews of the chiropractic literature have shown it only may be effective for the temporary relief of lower back pain, not unlike the results you get using a heat pack.

    Chiropractors love to lock you in to regular maintenance programs so you just keep handing over money until you run out of it, get sick of it, or your problem resolves naturally.

    You should never let a chiropractor touch your neck. There has been many cases of stroke following neck manipulation and we will never know the real risk since chiropractors are notoriously bad at reporting adverse events. See: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/chiropractic-strokes-again-an-update/

    These people reject the germ theory of disease, are anti-science, are anti-vaccination, and many claim to be able to treat and cure virtually any disease. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Singh#Chiropractic_lawsuit

    My advice is to forget chiropractic nonsense altogether. Instead see a musculoskeletal doctor or physiotherapist.

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