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  1. soupdragon12345

    How often do they want you too go back, once a week or 3 times a week ? the amount of visits adds too cost of insurance ie i was asked by mine too have 3 visits a week ? that’s 45 dollars a week or 180 a month so i told them no i can only come once a week . so ask them how often you should come. for me i could not afford the cost, so had too stop.

    Ask what sort of treatment they offer? I had cupping ! that left welts on my back which in turn caused arguments with my spouse. It was not the only treatment they afford but one they recommended.

    You could also Google them ? take alook at their website before you go , that says alot about the practice.

    Hope that helps.

  2. David R

    I think it’s good to contact your insurance company, or Blue Cross/Shield even if you’re not on it. You will see Doctors who have to work within guidelines and not advise ridiculous treatments or numbers of visits. Also, if they advertise sports chiropractic they have to have some ability to help people. Best luck.
    PS: To answer your question better, call the office of your old Chiropractor. Ask him/her exactly what techniques were used, what school they attended, and any special organizations they belonged to. Call the school and the organizations for a referral in your area – they’ll be happy to. Maybe the Chiropractor could also give a personal recommendation.

  3. Windy

    It is rough finding a new chiropractor or other doctor, especially when you’ve been seeing the same one for a long time and are happy. I hope you are able to find a good one!

    Questions to ask about the chiropractic treatment program:

    – What is the chiropractor’s typical practice pattern or treatment program?
    – What services does the chiropractor offer? Some chiropractors offer additional services such as massage, exercise instruction, rehabilitation and strength training, and nutritional counseling.
    – What is the chiropractor’s recommendation if the treatment doesn’t seem to help? A good chiropractor will recommend that the patient consult another practitioner if these or other methods of treatment (such as medications or surgery) are indicated.

    It is advisable to avoid practitioners who tend to find the same thing wrong with every patient and treat every patient identically. Also, beware of any chiropractor recommending a lengthy (e.g. 3-, 6-, or 12-month) treatment plan after one or two consultations.

    Questions to ask about chiropractic training and education:

    – From which chiropractic school did the chiropractor graduate?
    – Does he or she have a bachelor’s degree?
    – Where did he or she complete undergraduate/prerequisite schooling?
    – How many years has the chiropractor been in practice?
    – Does the chiropractor have a post-graduate specialty?

    You can read the source web page below for complete information.

    Good luck!

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