Chiropractor for knee pain?

I’ve had knee pain for ten years. I’ve always thought it was from lots of stairmaster use back then. Now I’m overweight too so I know that’s probably not helping matters. Anyway, it hurts mostly when I bend it and it’s my left knee more than my right. Basic xrays have shown nothing. I’ve been wanting to try a chiropractor since my hubby has had such relief from his back pain, since going to one. What can a chiropractor do for me? Thanks!!!!!!

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  1. gracie's mom

    My mom has had both knees replaced and has bad arthritis, but seeing the chiropractor helps her IMMENSELY! They use a little trigger-looking device called an activator to put your knee back into place and un-pinch subluxated (pinched) nerves. I’d definitely try it out. You might be amazed by the difference.

  2. JAMES P

    Chiropractors can do a lot, but not given the credit they deserve. Your being over weight is probably causing most of the problem, and if you could lose some of it, that would certainly be a plus. You may even have some fluid in that knee that makes it difficult to bend, and walk. You need more than basic x-rays of the knee. You need to have an MRI taken to see if you have any torn ligaments or spurs. I wouldn’t want a Chiropractor making any adjustments until I found out through the MRI, the real problem. They only do basic x-rays themselves when diagnosing bone and muscle problems. Why don’t you have your Doctor set you up for an MRI and go from there. In the meantime, at home, you can help some by using moist heat on those knees. Simply take a towel, soak it with hot water, ring it out and wrap it around the knee. Do this several times, then massage in some Aspercreme Cream for pain, if not allergic to aspirin. Legs elevated would work with the moist heat even better, but you will need help for that, which brings the husband into the picture. It will not only help with the pain, but will also drain any fluids accumulated there. Make sure he uses enough towels that he can replace the first one with when it begins to cool. I wish for you the best. There is nothing worse than living in pain.

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