Will I need X-rays?

While we do have a wonderful digital x-ray system here at the office, we rarely take x-rays.  X-ray technology continues to advance and become more safe for patients all the time, but it still requires a minor radiation dose. Here at our office we do everything we can to minimize that dose even going as far as to use lead shielding when it isn’t called for. The problem is we don’t know if other people have done that each time you the patient has had an x-ray so your acceptable doses could be higher then they should. I have seen x-rays come from E.R.s, MDs, and other chiropractors that could easily cost someone their license because of the way it was taken, so knowing that we never take x-rays unless absolutely necessary! So the short answer is unless you have neurological symptoms or have had a traumatic incident you will most likely not need x-rays at our office.

Dr. John Warren, D.C.

New Life Chiropractic San Diego, Ca