Working out in the new year!

The number one New years resolution in America is to get in shape! Something along the lines of 80% of Americans make this resolution, and most of them try to do it at home for the first month. Instead of trying to work out alone at home find an activity you enjoy or a gym with a program you like and join that. Work outs shouldn’t be a chore or a punishment they should be fun. Try a dance class, a boxing class, join a running group, or hey it’s SoCal take some surf lesson! Try and be motivated for the new year and try to have some fun with. If you need suggestions for activities because of limited physical ability due to an injury give us a call here at the office. We would love to help you find an activity that would fit in with any limitations you might have.


Dr. John,

New Life Chiropractic, Cape Girardeau, Ca