Weak lower back muscles

A common cause of lower back pain is strains of the lower back muscles. This is usually because these muscles are weak and we over use them doing an activity or work around the house or at work. This is Southern Cali. most of us are active or go to a gym or both. But even of those reading this who are active in ever day life or work out how often do you workout your lower back? Most of us almost never unless we are in a structured work out program. If you aren’t lower back exercises are highly suggested to prevent injuries. So I would like to suggest an easy one to try. They are called back ups or reverse sit ups. All you have to do is lay on your stomach with your legs flat place your hands behind your head and lift your upper body up till you you can look up and see the ceiling above you. The motion should just like a sit up only reversed. You can also try lifting one shoulder before the other in a twisting motion like you would in a crunch. Try 10 reps of each twice a day and help prevent lower back injuries. As always please consult a health professional before starting any workout and if the exercise causes pain stop and consider getting a check up.

Dr. John

New Life Chiropractic. Cape Girardeau, Ca