Walking or Running in San Diego

I see a lot of people around San Diego running on sidewalks and it always makes me cringe.  One of the big problems with running on the side walk is you are running beside cars. Why is this a problem you ask? Well think about it like this, when you running you are breathing heavy and a lot of times through your mouth (which unlike your nose doesn’t have a filtration system) and then a car goes past you…. what happens next? You breath in a giant lung full of dirt, dust, and car fumes! So that’s no good. Secondly concrete is one of the less giving surfaces you can run on. It pushes all the force of your stride back into your back, knees, and ankle. When this really upsets me is when I see people doing this one block from the beach. Go run in the hard sand instead! Almost no impact and no car fumes. Now not everyone in SD is near the beach and can do this. But there are trail runs all over town. If you are going to run on the sidewalk make it a light jog to a trail. Then do your real run there!

Dr. John Warren

New Life Chiropractic, Cape Girardeau, CA