Travel Season is upon us!

Once again travel season is upon us! When the holidays come around most of us travel to see loved ones, and it can be a much longer trip then normal. For instance it is normally a direct 3 hour flight for me to go home to see my family, with layovers and connections this year my Christmas flight will run 12 hours either direction. That’s a lot of stress on your body! Then add in the fact that many people are sleeping on spare beds or in hotels and it’s a recipe for disaster for our bodies and backs. A few helpful tips for travel time. Tip 1) MOVE MOVE MOVE!!! If you are stuck at the airport for a layover get up and move around. Walk around the shops, go for a stroll in the airport. Anything to get you up and moving! Those seats they have in the airport are horrible for your back and getting up and walking around will help stretch things out. Tip 2) Water! Water helps prevent inflammation and the only other thing easy to find in airport to drink is usually soda. Soda on the other hand is a inflammatory drink. So it’s going to make it easier to hurt your back by helping it inflame easier. Tip 3) Take a healthy snack! This basically falls under the same reasons drinking water. But what most people don’t realize is that while you can’t take fluids through security you can take as much food as you want. So pack those healthy snacks to take with you. Tip 4) If you are in pain seek treatment!!! If you are out of town it is still worth seeking treatment even if it’s just a one time thing to make sure what is wrong with you.

Dr. John

New Life Chiropractic, Cape Girardeau, Ca