tendonitis in my pointer finger

I saw this question on tendonitis today and would like to share my answer.

I have tendonitis in my pointer fingre from my mouse at work. What exercises can i do to help?

Exercises for tendonitis are usually used to teach you a different way of doing a task to avoid what is called micro trauma or repetitive activity injury (basically learning to avoid doing the thing that hurt you). Best thing you can do is go in to see a health care professional to make sure that’s what your problem is and not something else. till then you can try icing it (good for most inflammations), take some anti-inflammatory over the counter meds, and instead of taping your mouse with the end of your finger use the pad of your index, or lay your entire finger across the mouse when hitting the button. There are even special mouses designed for this that usually go for around 20 bucks at best buy.

Dr. John New Life Chiropractic

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  1. Linda Seaver, MD

    I use my nondominant hand to use my mouse. I began having pain and tingling over the first metacarpal-phalangeal joint about two weeks ago. I think it is from scrolling with the wheel in the middle of the mouse (I have a twelve page form to fill out every time I see a customer). I saw a hand specialist for a different problem and he and I both think it is tendonitits. I am starting to use the middle finger for tapping the mouse buttons and to use the tab button on the key board more as well as using the side bar to move from page to page. One way to decrease over-use injury from using the mouse would be to alternate hands.

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