New studies find.. surprise surprise… Regular Execise may add years and years to your life.

A lot of people don’t like to exercise because they don’t have the time. Sounds like a valid reason right? Well a new study showed that a single hour of vigorous exercise can add up to 11 hours onto your life! That sounds like a pretty good trade off to me, for every 1 hour in the gym now you get an extra 11 hours of retirement later. Not only will it add time on, but it adds quality as well. For those extra 11 hours you gain you will be healthy and thus most likely happier then people who just sat on the couch. Another study recently found that you can delay the effects of aging by up to 20% with vigorous exercise as well! That’s 20% more time in your life without gray hair, without going bald, and without memory loss. So it seems to me that hour in the gym is a good trade off!!!

Dr. John Warren

New Life Chiropractic, Cape Girardeau, Ca