Stove exhaust fans

A lot of us only use our exhaust fan over the stove if we burn something or are boiling something, but did you know that most health organizations recommend you keep it on anytime you cook? Many of our pots and pans are lined in chemicals that are harmful to our lungs. When we heat these pots and pans it destroys the bonds holding them chemicals to the pans and allows them to enter the air. We then breath them in and irritate or damage our lungs. This usually happens in small doses so you don’t even notice.  I know a lot of people will think that this isn’t true and it’s all worrying about nothing. Well first off tell them to check the research 🙂 I recommend a wonderful collection of peer reviewed research papers. Secondly tell them to just turn the fan on! If we are wrong all they did was run the fan a little more then usual. If we are right they are saving their lungs. Who wouldn’t wanna make that trade off?


Dr. John Warren

New Life Chiropractic, Cape Girardeau, Ca