Should I stop eating fats to lose weight?

A lot of people think when trying to lose weight that fat is the enemy. To an extent this is both right and wrong. Yes you shouldn’t eat something with 100g grams of fat in it, but on the flip side you shouldn’t eat something with NO fat in it either. Your body produces a hormone called Leptin to let you know it’s full. Consuming protein and low amounts of the correct fats leads to the release of this hormone. So if you are eating fat free foods you have to consume more calories in order for this hormone to be released. For example take a yogurt with fat in it, it might take 120 calories worth of this fat containing yogurt to get your body to fill full. But if the yogurt is fat free it might take 200 calories worth of that yogurt to achieve the same feeling. Just remember large quantities of fat is the enemy, but small doses of fat will make you feel full sooner and so you will eat less, and stay full longer!

Dr. John

New Life Chiropractic, San Diego, Ca