Holiday Travels

It’s almost that time of year, for holiday traveling. A lot of us travel long distances to see our families and often from one climate to another. This can have pretty big health impacts. The first is the physical strain from traveling itself. Long hauls in an airplane can hurt or strain your lower back very easily as can hauling around lots of luggage. Try to avoid carrying heavier items on your carry on and if you have a bag with one shoulder strap try switching it from arm to arm every so often to relieve that stress on your shoulder. And the rapid change in climates mentioned earlier is hard on anyone’s immune system. So this is a time of year to eat healthy and bust your immune system to prepare for rapid temperature changes. A will aligned spine can actually help your immune system. Come in and ask us about it! We would be happy to explain how!

Dr John

New Life Chiropractic, San Diego, Ca.