Germs in the office

A new study recently came out about the most germ filled locations in a typical office. Where would most people think the most germ filled location would be? Why the bathroom of course, is what most of us would say. After all everyone knows bathrooms are dirty places. Well if you thought this you would be wrong. Bathrooms are filled with specially designed products to combat germs. Why do you think most objects you interact with in a bathroom are made of a porcelain material? It prevents germ growth by being cold an by being made of non organic material, and bathrooms are cleaned all the time. The real answer is…. wait for it… the BREAK ROOM! And the most germtastic place in your break room? Why the break room faucet handle and the microwave handle! Everyone touches them, no one washes their hands before they touch them, they are handling food before they touch them (which some of that food might be undercooked too), and they almost never gets cleaned. Think about it, if you have say 20 people in your office, and each one uses the microwave at least once a day, that’s 20 people each touching it with probably dirty hands and then touching the faucet handle to wash their hands after. Now before you go all antibacterial soap germ warfare on your hands in the break room there is a much easier and safer way for you to deal with this. Simply purchase some cleaning wipes and a couple times a day wipe them down. This is especially important during flu season! Which we are still in. And have a frank discussion in the office. Don’t single anyone out, but simply ask if anyone gets sick to wash their hands when they first enter the break room as to not spread any germs. And simply using their forearm instead of their hand to push up the faucet handle will help a lot as well!

Dr John Warren

New Life Chiropractic, Cape Girardeau, Ca