Dieting for the new year.

Many people start diets at the beginning of the year. A good friend who is a wonderful dietitian once give me the best description of what a diet should be “A diet isn’t about losing weight. It’s about a life style change.” One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying a fad or crash diet. If you try one of the crash or fad diets you probably will lose weight. The problem is once you have lost that weight you will go right back to the way you ate before and gain it all back. Why? Simple crash and fad diets aren’t designed to be long term and they are to strict to be long term. Instead just try bit by bit to eat a littler healthier. Try this one it’s called perimeter shopping. When you go to the grocery store only shop in the perimeter and don’t go down an center isles. It isn’t an amazing diet and there is still bad stuff for you on the perimeter, but it’s a small step in your new healthy life. After that just keep making little steps along the way. And trust me taking those junk food isles out of the picture is an awesome first step đŸ™‚

Dr. John

New Life Chiropractic, Cape Girardeau, Ca