How do cold lasers work?

Cold Lasers are handheld devices that are placed directly over the injured area.  Typically, depending on the area being treated, and the number of lasers being used, laser treatments can last between 10-15 minutes.  During the treatment the laser light safely penetrates deep through several layers of skin and fat without injuring a single cell.

Once the cold laser light (photons) reaches the injured tissue it is readily absorbed by damaged, injured, or weakened cells.  The light energy interacts and is absorbed by chromophores (light sensitive enzymes in the mitochondria of the cells).  By activating these enzymes it stimulates the production of ATP (energy of the cell).  As a result, this new found energy initiates more ATP to be produced and a cascade of beneficial events occur; including, a reduction in pain, edema, inflammation, improved nerve function, and an increase in the intracellular metabolic rate of the cell which decreases the cells healing time and allows the damaged tissue to repair itself faster.

Cold Laser therapy has been successfully used around the world for over 35 years to help treat a myriad of conditions.  There are more than 2,500 clinical studies that have been published and over 120 randomized controlled studies have been conducted.  In the United States, cold laser therapy is used in certain hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and clinics as a safe treatment option to help assist in pain relief.   Currently, cold laser therapy is also being used by professional sports teams to treat athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, NBL, and U.S Olympic Teams just to name a few.


Dr. John Warren

New Life Chiropractic, Cape Girardeau, Ca