Chiropractic and head aches

I often get asked if chiropractic care can help with headaches? The answer is often yes.  One of the most common types of head aches in modern society are tension headaches. These are headaches actually caused by tense muscles, either from poor posture or just regular old strained muscles. The solution for these maybe  nothing more then a stretch to do on a regular basis, a change in posture, or moving your computer screen.  Though today I only mentioned tension headaches we can help with many other kinds and I will post about them in the future!

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  1. Dr. John Post author

    Just another quick note. If you suffer from chronic headaches you may consider reducing your caffeine intake. Coffee, soda, teas, energy drinks, and foods like chocolate can greatly increase your chances of developing a headache. These foods can greatly lower the threshold of nerve activity needed to develop headaches…. Think of it like a sunburn, a certain amount of time in the sun is needed to get a sunburn. Now what if you added another source of light like a sun lamp. So now your under a sun lamp and the sun so the amount of time needed to develop a sunburn greatly reduces. Headaches can often be caused by nerve activity, but there has to be a certain amount of nerve activity to cause a headache (so that amount of nerve activity needed is like the amount of time needed in the sun to develop a sunburn). Caffeine increases nerve function over the entire body. So it’s an added source of nerve aggravation (so it’s the sun lamp). By adding this source of nerve aggravation you are decreasing the total amount needed for a headache. I hope this post was helpful and if it’s confusing let me know and I’ll try to think of a different example.

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