Chiropractic care for the elderly

Chiropractic care becomes very important as we advance in age.  As we get older the disc in our spines get smaller (one reason we get shorter) which in turn decreases the amount of space available for nerves to exit the spine. This decreased disc space can also lead to bone formations growing to stabilize the spine. These growths can encroach on the exit spaces as well. These and other factors can lead to nerve occlusions or “pinched nerve syndrome.”

Regular chiropractic care can help keep the spine mobile and healthy. Proper movement can help prevent these bone growths and relieve pressure from the decreased disc space.  The bone formations often occur from lack of proper movement and chronic “stiff spine.” Adjustments will help restore proper movement and can help break up adhesion (an adhesion is like knots in your muscles but in your ligaments instead)  that contribute to these bone growths.   Though as we age our bones lose strength which can make adjusting elderly patients problematic. With our Pulstar system though we can control exactly how much force is applied and keep it extremely low. This is one reason I love the system. So there is little to no worry about injuries due to decreased bone strength.

3 thoughts on “Chiropractic care for the elderly

  1. New Life Chiropractic Cape Girardeau

    thanks, I’m going to pass this along to my father.

  2. Marla Eftink

    I have osteoporosis how safe is the Pulstar technique for me?

  3. john Post author

    Yes the Pulstar technique is great for people with osteoporosis because we can turn the force down to just a few pounds per square inch. And for people with decreased bone strength we turn the force way down and slowly increase it over visits to be extra careful with our patients health

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