10 thoughts on “Will a chiropractor help with back pain?

  1. Jess

    Before you go to a chiropractor, go back to your doctor and see what they recommend.
    Talk to them also about exercise/fitness, building your muscles, and stretching-those may be options to take before anything else.
    But def go see your doctor first!

  2. ns101

    yes my sister had very bad back pains and when she went to the caropractor the pain was gone

  3. saved_by_grace

    They can help with the pain. Most will take xrays to make sure that it doesn’t need to be treated medically beforehand though.

  4. Neil B

    I’ve had the same problem for 30 years. Chiropractors never did me any good. I had steroid epidural injections which works wonders.


    Yes, a chiropractor will help eliminate the pain. I had a bulging disc in my back and it was pinching a nerve. I went to a chiropractor about 5 times. With his help and following the exercises he gave me to do at home, it alleviated my pain and I could actually stand up straight again.

  6. Jen

    Yes a chiropractor can take your pain away in most cases hopefully yours is one of those cases if that dosen’t work i suggest going to a pain managment clinic they will help you through the pain and hopefully come up with a way to treat you so you don’t have to live in pain or worse live life on strong pain meds u get addicted to but good luck try the chiropractor first though.

  7. Loves Christmas Lights

    I have had treatments with Chiropractors and they helped greatly. What I did not like is that and I think it is actually true, is that they hope you will sign up for regular treatments and kinda pressure you to do it. I do understand the body doesnt snap back into shape but it was uncomforatable to ask for a few visits and make no committment.
    I have done therapy too, again they would like to start a plan so they too can watch your progress. I liked therapy more than Chirpractors treatments. I have also gone to a simple massage therapist and got a lower cost just as good feeling and as good of results, and now only go to that office. I have also done accupuncture and was really suprised how well it worked on my hands. So yes you can get relief, depending on your damage which you seem to know what is going on, it may not be as easy to obtain releif as it was for me, I simply put my back out, nothing as serious as your problem is. I would take advantage of the Mall options to if your has any. One mall I visited on vacation had people with massage chairs and it was really inexpensive for a fifteen minute treatment, they also had this wave machine that rolls water over your back, that might be too much for you though but watch for specials on pricing for new patients if you have no insurance. I live where there is alot of skiing and alot of rich tourists so there are alot of options available and they all run specials to accomidate all the skiers coming off the mountain etc etc.

  8. Skeeeeeetz

    A chiropractor cannot fix your condition or any other. At best they would just make your muscles feel better. It would be best to first see your doctor or an orthopedic specialist. I would advise that your do everything you can to avoid chiropractic treatment as it will often do more harm than good.

    Chiropractors have to believe that everything causes conditions that only they can fix so they can convince patients that we can’t live comfortably without visits twice per week.

    I had a stroke last year as a result of chiropractic treatment and have since made it a priority to raise awareness of the dangers of chiropractic care. Please visit this website to read my story and similar ones of other victims so you may be aware of the risks and make an informed decision about treatment.


  9. Christopher S

    As a chiropractor, I can say with confidence that chiropractic deserves some place in the “algorithm” in management of what you are reporting. That does not mean that I can guarantee it will work for you like an antibiotic for a bladder infection or some other comparison.

    Where in the algorithm is debatable – some would say “never”, others would say “near the top”, some would say “last resort.

    If you know you have “bulging discs”, chances are you have been to a medical doctor (general or a specialist like orthopedics) so I doubt that going that route again will prove productive. If you haven’t, by all means explore what they have to offer. Bulging discs is kind of a spurious diagnosis anyway but I won’t get into that.

    The hardest part will be the difficulty in assessing improvement. You go several weeks without pain so your pain is classified as “episodic” – you will have to confine your chiropractic during episodes to see if it garnering you relief. You can then conclude it is having a positive effect if and when the episodes are becoming less frequent.

    Back pain is tricky business. . .the skeptics would rightly say it could just spontaneously remiss without any intervention. That is true. However, if you are having more than 2 episodes per year, to me, that justifies the need for intervention, whatever you decide – chiropractic or medical.

    I wish you luck.

  10. bilguung@ymail.com

    Yes and No.

    No because not all chiropractors know the source of the pain. Yes, because some chiropractors do get lucky.

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