5 thoughts on “what exactly is a chiropractor?

  1. I like Cheezits

    Someone who helps you with your back. That’s all I know…

  2. ellen degenitals

    moves your body around, making cracking noises and relieving pain, etc.

    same purpose as a masseuse, different method.

  3. Claire R

    Realligns your spin , making sure your body is all in line

    they do a fantastic job, some can be very expense but look around and find one for a good price

    the pros, makes you feel great, more supple and relaxed and less pain
    cons, the cost,

    it doesnt hurt, if they need to crack your back they do it ina way with no pain, its great!


  4. Chris

    they are very helpful and they are somewhat expensive lol but they fix back and neck problems. the are very helpful and they don’t hurt. only pros i think. 🙂

  5. Katie W

    Chiropractors come in a wide range — good ones specialize in spine problems, and to some degree, other joint issues. The far-out-in-right-field ones claim they can help you with anything by working on your back; be wary of those.

    The most common thing that chiropractors do is spine manipulation/adjustment. They usually offer other treatments depending on your needs. Health insurance often covers chiropractor treatment, though they may need to be in your provider network (which is often also a good way to tell which are more reputeable practitioners!)

    I had a back problem that wasn’t going away, and finally went to a chiropractor myself for the first time earlier this year; he listened to my descriptions of the problem, examined my spine, then X-rayed the problem area. On my return visit, he showed me the problem on my X-ray: I had a compressed disc, where two vertebrae were too close together, squishing the disc between them out into the spinal cord, causing pain. He then did a spinal adjustment, guiding me into certain postures then twisting or stretching me in certain ways until my spine went POPOPOPOPOPOPpoppityPOP and suddenly I was much less stiff! It only hurt a bit once (a certain stretch that twinged the problem spot in my back), and when I made a face, he instantly eased off. I found the adjustments a tiny bit intimidating — the sudden push or pull or pop was a tiny bit scary, but it never actually hurt, just seemed like it should and then didn’t! A qualified chiropractor does know what he (or she) is doing.

    My particular problem took about 6 weeks to resolve fully — I had tried to wait it out about that long already before turning to chiropractic treatment, so it wasn’t just a matter of time, but the proper treatment helping the cure also. I definitely felt results from the first day; the first adjustment freed up my back a lot from how it had stiffened around the pain. Cost was low since he was on my health insurance; I only had to pay a co-pay, just as for a general practitioner.

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