4 thoughts on “what does the chiropractor do?

  1. Noname Jane

    A chiropractor puts your entire body back into place. He or she checks and see’s where your bones are out of place then puts them back in. You should be careful, because there are a lot of them that are not good. But the ones that are good, can cure more illnesses than you can ever imagine.

  2. dave

    Chiropractors are NOT doctors! They have little if any training, frequently pretend to be able to perform ‘miracles’ and at best, are no better than a good masseuse.

    If you have a problem with your neck, see a doctor. An inept amateur who accidentally ‘cracks’ your neck could see you paralysed for life (if you are lucky) or actually kill you:

    “In 1993, Kristi consulted a chiropractor seeking relief from the pain of sinus headaches. During her second visit, she suffered a stroke immediately after the chiropractor manipulated her neck. She died three days later, one day before her 25th birthday. The autopsy revealed that the manipulation had split the inside walls of both of her vertebral arteries, causing the walls to balloon and block the blood supply to the lower part of her brain. Additional studies concluded that blood clots had formed on the days the manipulation took place.”


  3. Jmp

    chiropractors do a check to see if your back is out of alignment, they take x-rays of your back and look and see how far off it is. some will ask you to come back maybe twice in one day or at least 3 times a week dependents how bad your back is. sometimes it helps you can come out of there feeling great other times no. You really have to check them out some are in it for the money.

  4. fretochose

    Chiropractic Physicians are fully trained int ailments of the human body.
    They must pass National Board Examinations and State Board Examinations and have postgraduate requirements to maintain license in their state.

    DC..2 years pre-med
    MD 2 years pre-med

    DC..4 years accredited school
    MD 4 years accredited school

    DC’s do not perform massage….
    They diagnois through examination, x-ray, MRI, CT scan or other tests.
    Then form a treatment plan appropriate to the problem.
    The treatment can be manipulative treatment. physical therapy modalities, exercise, nutriton advice and referral to another specialist if the problem is not one likely to be solved by his/her treatment

    author of the cited “quackwatch ” is an unlicensed psychiatrist, successfully sued many times by numerous natural healing professions for libel. he makes a living by duping others to believe his long and many untruths.

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