4 thoughts on “What can a chiropractor fix?

  1. justbeingher

    No – that is acute problem you need to go to the ER for.

  2. ~*Lauren*~

    No, chiropractors fix back problems. You would go to your doctor for heart problems.

  3. Dr. Robert Rice

    Chiropractors work on the nervous system through adjusting the bones which are intimate with the nerves.

    As nerves go to every organ in your body (from your skin to your eyes, from your heart to your liver), chiropractic can have an effect on pretty much any organ.

    However, when you’re talking about a heart fibrillating, it’s unlikely that chiropractic will be able to “fix” that unless the problem is caused by a subluxation. And as the heart depends on more than just the nervous system, there is a very large array of things that can cause the problem.

    That being said, it’d be great for you to see a chiropractor and he/she might help you in more ways than you can expect; however it would be unwise to see only a chiropractor if you have heart fibrillation. That’s an ER situation.

  4. soccergrl4103

    you answered my question-

    ok, but do they take the bodies out first?

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