How many times will I need to come in for a treatment?

This is a question we get asked a lot. You hear people saying chiropractics will try to hook you into coming in all the time. At New Life Chiropractic in Cape Girardeau this is far from the truth. We like to see our patients get better fast with as few visits as needed. When you first come in if you are in a severe amount of pain yes you might need to come in 2 or 3 times that first week. That is just so we can get you out of pain fast and get the treatments to be really effective. If you have an injury or a long time condition your body tries to stabilize that area by forming what are called adhesions. Adhesions are like natural muscular band-aids or splints, they are a type of fiber your body makes that restricts movements in injuries. These adhesions have to be broken up to get the proper movement back into place so they don’t reform. This is the reason for the short time between visits at first. Now once that first week is over and signs of improvement are starting to show we move your visits apart very fast. If you came in 3 times the first week you might only need 2 or 1 visits the following week depending on your condition. And once that week is up as long as your still improving we move them even further apart. Our goal is to get a patient to 1 visit a week as fast as possible. Once they make it there we release them for two weeks and if after two weeks they are pain free and fully mobile then the treatment plan is considered a success and is over. Some patients do continue to come in for maintenance care for chronic conditions or permanent injuries, but most patients we don’t see again until they have a new complaint.