back pain!?

I’ve recently started getting really bad lower back pains. its hard for me to get up in the morning,get up from a sitting position, even bending over to pick up or feed the cat. Other women at work have been telling me it could be the weight in my breasts. I’m 30 years old, if it is why would it start hurting now? and why would it be my lower back not my upper. Seriously I’m 5’1 and DD cup…i’ve seen bigger. I don’t think thats what it could be, but what do i know? If someone could give me an idea or if they could help me out on how to ease my pain it would be greatly appreciated. Serious answers please….i’m in pain. 🙁

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  1. cristina d

    you may have a ruptured or slipped disk. if you’re leg is hurting alot you need to see a neurologist. i’ve had experience with that going thru that including surgery to correct it.

  2. BornAStar

    I’m guessing it could be a number of things including your posture, the weight of your purse, an uncomfortable bed and yes it could be the weight of your breasts. Try a number of things and see if anything helps. Maybe a more supportive bra, carrying less things around, or getting a newer mattress.

  3. Sharon J

    It sounds like you may have a bulging disc in your lower back. Your disc has swollen enough that it bulges from between your vertebrae putting pressure on your sciatic nerve. This is very painful!! You need to see an orthopedic dr. who can refer you to a physical therapist. There are exercises you can do that helps put the bulging disc back in where it should be. I’ve had two ruptured discs in my lower back that had to be fixed with surgery. Good luck I hope you’re feeling better soon:)

  4. Taylor W

    Go to a Chiropractor.
    They work miracles and could seriously cure your problem.
    But I seriously doubt that your DD’s are the problem.

    Good Luck.

  5. lubellgarb

    Hi Nikkie,

    It could be how you are sitting during the day and the chair you are in. Believe it or not this affects more people than you could imagine.

    Good Luck !

  6. Dr Graeme Teague

    You are right, even if your breasts are larger than they should for your size, they will cause upper back pain and not lower back pain.

    You have irritated your sacro-iliac joints (lots of people call them your hip joint). This joint is the first joint that moves if you bend, get out of bed and generally all activity using your lower back.

    As it is a joint that has no disc, it does become inflamed easily and can therefore cause a lot of uncomfortable pain.

    These joints usually become irritated when your pelvis becomes out of balance. Which can occur from prolonged sitting, minor falls and even just day to day life with all the bending lifting and twisting.

    Don’t worry it is nothing serious.

    To change it you need to relax the muscles that support the pelvis that may be tight, you need to strengthen the muscles that will be weaker (this does not mean going to the gym, it means improving nerve and blood supply). This should settle things quickly if it is minor. If it doesn’t then you need to change the joints in the pelvis which you can do at home easily.

    But do the muscles first as this is the easiest and most likely cause.

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