Back Pain When I Lay Down

Several people have recently asked me about pain when they lay down and what does it mean? My first question for them is do they experience the pain when in the act of lying down or when they are fully at rest? These two situations can mean vastly different things. One is indicative of a simple strain usually and the other can be more serious (or possible mean it’s time for a new bed). Regardless if pain in either situation persist I tell them to be evaluated by a medical professional, and yes we do evaluate situations like these here at the office. I also tell them in this situation a little deductive reasoning goes a long way. If you have recently been a weekend warrior or maxed out your workout routine you might try some ice and rest for a day. But never let pain drag on for a week or weeks at a time without going in to see someone! More on this issue soon so check back for updates.


Dr. John

New Life Chiropractic, Cape Girardeau, ca