7 thoughts on “Chiropractors??? Help?

  1. Wendall ツ

    No. Honestly, I really don’t recommend them. They can do some serious damage. They know what they’re doing, but one wrong move and they can do a LOT of damage. Not something I would risk.
    There are other doctors you can look into.

  2. Tina

    Chiropractors are legit. They are Doctors so they have to learn about the body just as a regular physician does. However, they use a holistic approach and do not prescribe medication. I wouldn’t say they make a lot of money because a lot of people do not believe what they do actually works, but there are some who make a lot of money. It all depends. I would recommend it.

  3. a pair of mules

    I would say go for it. i have been going to them for about 20 yrs.they sure make me feel good. the one i go to does not snap your neck like some do,he adjusts my back,after,i feel like a new man.some Dr’s.don’t recommend them but some do.i think i would not be able to get around with out mine.

  4. Bags

    Chiropractors are awesome! Well, most of them anyway. I remember the first time I went to one; he was this old WWII fighter pilot and he gave my back, neck and knees a good crunching! And (I’ll never forget this) he said, “There, now you’ll start growing.” In two years I grew 7 inches! Since that time, I’ve moved and he’s retired so I looked around for another chiropractor and plan on going soon to get my shoulders adjusted and maybe that might also take care of headaches I’ve been getting lately. What I would recommend you do it ask around, and check the phone book and even call if need be. I found one ad in the yellow pages that talked about an “Impulse instrument”. You have got to be kidding me! FDA approved? That’s points AGAINST it if you ask me! A good chiropractor is somebody who will push and twist (gently of course) and crack, that’s right, CRACK your bones. Just like people who crack their knuckles for instant relief, your spine is the same way. Just remember, if you have been out of joint for a while, it’s going to feel strange after you get done because your vertebra are not used to being in place. Give it some time and you may need to go back once a week for a few weeks if you are really out of whack. X-rays (if needed) might cost around $80, but a visit will only cost around $25-$35 plus, some take insurance. One final thing; the last half of this video is an interview with a chiropractor who talks about some of the benefits of doing so. Watch it if you want, if not that’s fine too. But definitely, I highly recommend chiropractics!


  5. Christine D

    i hve used a chiropractor for years, even when i was pregnant and i find them extremely useful. if you have a back problem(for example) they can fix it whereas a regular doctor may just give you pain killers that just cover the problem. some even practice acupunture and other alternative therapies

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