1 thought on “Are chiropractors legit?

  1. chicka

    chiropractors go through intensive training on a program based on science, neurology, radiology, soft tissue and adjustments. they believe if the spine is in alignment it can help to prevent diseases and maintain well being. I’m currently studying chiropractic and recently seen a chiropractor because I’m having troubles with back and neck pain from meningitis which the GP said it wasn’t his field turns out the chiropractor did a better assessment then when i went to the emergency room and has noticed a neurological defect caused by it which i have been refereed on to a neurologist. With out seeing a chiropractor i wouldn’t have known and my condition would have got worse all because a Dr wouldn’t asses me properly. I believe in chiropractic more then general practitioners. but its personal choice. A normal Dr will just give your husband pain meds to cover up the problem they wont go to the source and try to fix it. I would try talk him into seeing a chiro but thats just my opinion

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