All X-rays shot in the office are digital. Digital X-ray is truly the future of patient care.  Digital X-rays like digital pictures can be zoomed in on with the use of a computer to get a better view of small details.  The use of digital X-ray also cuts down on patient wait time since no films have to be developed. We also have a variety of viewing software installed on our x-ray computers allowing for us to adjust the X-rays in many manors. This can let us highlight problem areas to bring different details into focus in a way that is just impossible with plain film x-ray.

Occasionally X-rays need to be sent to a specialist to be read. There could be a red flag or warning sign on an X-ray, there could be a tiny spot that just might be the beginning stages of a more advanced problem, there could that time you just need or want a second opinion, or there other issues that come up that require an outside reading of an X-ray. Now those X-rays can be sent securely in an email to other approved health care providers should there ever be a need.  At New Life Chiropractic we are dedicated to giving you the absolute best care possible.

A lot of people like to keep a copy of their X-rays either for their own records or to show their friends.  With plain film X-ray you normally have to pay for copies, since the provider has to pay for an expensive film and use up chemicals to make a copy.  With digital X-rays we can email a copy directly to you or you can bring in a flash drive and we will gladly provide you with copies for free.

Our X-ray suite unlike most offices has a rather large lead shielded area. This means if you’re a parent whose child is getting an X-ray and they want you in the room or the other way around there is more than enough room for multiple people behind the shielding.

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