New Life Chiropractic is an all digital paperless office. The government is pushing for all offices to go paperless by 2012 and at New Life Chiropractic we’ve already made that step which offers the patient many advantages. Should your records every have to be transferred there is no concern over another doctor not being able to read your notes and records. Should you ever need your records transferred instead of having to wait for a secure carrier to come get them or yourself to come to the office they can simply be emailed. Even in the event of a fire your records won’t be lost, because all data is backed up off site.

Make no mistake though this doesn’t mean your records are vulnerable. Your records are as safe as or safer than they would be in paper format. All records are encrypted and can only be read by special software unless we switch the file format for sending them to another clinic.

Also see our section on digital X-rays