As a Chiropractor in Cape Girardeau, we offer a mix of cutting edge proven technology and a one on one patient experience to strive to give you the best care possible. We strive to give you the best chiropractic experience possible, you’ll never get the “door handle doctor” experience here. New Life Chiropractic is located in Cape Girardeau less then a mile from the cove, but don’t worry we have private parking!

Scent Free Chiropractic Office

We understand that many of our patients need a Scent Free Chiropractic Office experience and we do our best to provide for their needs. We offer appointments where there are no other patients in the office so that patients won’t cross expose scents that may cause allergies or other reactions. Chiropractor Dr. John also does not wear cologne or other scents that may be an allergen to his patients. This ensures that  our Chiropractic Office will be scent free for all of our patients.

Chemical Sensitivity Chiropractor

Chemical sensitivity is an increasing issue for many Americans and it’s hard to find business that understand and are willing to work with you and your particular issues. At New Life Chiropractic we take pride in our willingness to work with chemically sensitive patients and to work around their needs. We offer appointments when other patients aren’t in the office, so you don’t have to worry about perfume issues. Dr. John does not wear any scents in the office nor do we burn any scents or candles. Also we have a exhaust fan running almost constantly to remove any perfume or scents that may linger in the office otherwise from other patients.

Low Force Adjusting

New Life Chiropractic utilizes Low Force Adjusting Techniques for its patients. Some patients find it intimidating to come to a Chiropractic office, as they have visions of bout the typical cracking, popping and twisting typically associated with Chiropractors. Dr. John dispels those visions with his use of modern, current techniques and instruments. Devices such as his  Pulstar Adjusting Unit  allows for adjustments to be made in a natural standing, sitting, or laying position, and there is no twisting or popping!

New Life Chiropractic
7301 Girard Ave
Ste LL
Cape Girardeau, 92037
Missouri, United States
phone: (858) 459-1940

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